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Let us transform your PDF documents, product catalogue or company profile into a FlipBook.

A FlipBook is a digital book allowing the viewer to turn pages as if paging through a realistic book.

This is an example of a FlipBook below. 

A modern, interactive and fun new approach!

But..... What does a FlipBook cost? 

R 999.00 + vat

Want to proceed? Please see below




















1. So you want us to transform your current PDF file into a digital FlipBook that will amaze your clients.


2. All you need to do is email or us your company profile, catalogue, price list, information pack or product listing (as a finished file, no editing required) in the form of a PDF document. 


3. Once we have received your correspondence, we will reply with an invoice and confirmation that your PDF file has also been received.


4. At this point you need to part with your hard earned cash and send us the Proof of Payment. Only then we can proceed with the order. Once we have received the POP, the order will be processed.


5. Your FlipBook should be ready in 3-5 days max. 

6. The advertised price is for a 1-20 page FlipBook . If you require a bigger book please note that additional fees are applicable.

R25.00 extra, per page thereafter. Discounts can be negotiated on bigger FlipBooks. 

7. Additional fees also apply to embedded videos, background music and links.

Videos R 300.00 plus vat.(per video)

Background music R200.00 plus vat.(per song)

Links R 50.00 plus vat.(per link) 

8. We do not disappoint.


FlipBook information

FlipBooks are the new way of showing and sharing your current PDF publications. This could mean your current pdf catalogues, brochures, magazines, proposals, company profiles, reports, newsletters, photo albums, portfolios, travel guides, product lists, pitches, presentations, pricelists, marketing and sales information, and more.

Share your FlipBook

your digital book can be shared via a link, on a Webpage or given out on a USB Flash drive 

Table of contents and search fuction

very easy to browse , with the help of a table of contents or search that links to each page.

Add more engaging content

you can also embed Video Files into your pages, add background music, Gifs or website links.

FlipBooks can be added to your Website

impress your online visitors by embedding your digital flipbook right into your current website.

Content protection

if needed, we can add content protection which protects your flipbook from unwanted viewers

No ads or links to third part sites

your books will not have any third party ads, banners or annoying elements. 

FlipBook screenshots

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