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USB Flash Drives

we Custom mould,

we custom brand,

any shape and size!

Talk to us about custom designing you, or your company, a custom branded USB flash drive that will look like your product or logo.  Alternatively, you can select a model, we have almost t 850 different shapes and sizes available to choose from.

USB Drive Info

Custom branded USB Flash Drives

Storm media offers custom branded USB Flash Drives to both individuals or companies that are looking at an alternative to the usual, maybe you are in a band and you are looking for a unique way of distributing your music album, or you are a company and you want present your company profile on a USB drive that is in the shape of your company logo, whatever the reason is - you have come to the right place, Storm media can help. 


Storm media have a large variety of standard USB models to choose from, or if you prefer, we can also custom mould any shape or size that you require. Our USB drives can be custom branded with your details, or supplied without any printing, whatever you require, and within budget. Our USB flash drives come in range of capacities, from a 1GB all the way up to 64GB. We can also offer you a big selection of different packaging options so please contact us to discuss your next order. 

USB drive models

Some of the popular USB models include:

Swivel USB's  Twister USB's , Wafer USB's, Credit Card or Business Card USB's, Mini USB Drives, Wooden USB's, Key USB's, Steel USB's, Paper USB's, Pen USB's, Religious USB's, Wedding USB's, Executive USB's or if you cannot decide, we can Custom Mould a USB to spec. Give us a call to discuss the various options. 

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different models that
we offer
USB drive capacities
Decide on the USB capacity you require

our USB flash drives come in the following capacities: 

512mb, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and upwards if needed. At this point, our 4GB and 8GB are more common as they are more affordable. 

Swivel USB drives in bulk
Do you want the USB's Branded or Unbranded

Some branding options:

We can Laser engrave or Digital print (in Full colour) your USB flash drives for you, or if you prefer, we can also supply them unbranded.

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What do you want the USB's packaged in

We have a large variety of USB packaging options, including: 

Our usual request for USB packing is plastic polybags, plain white boxes or plastic / leather sleeves as these are the cheapest options, but that said we can also supply them in plastic , wooden or tin boxes, with lanyards etc... it all depends on what you are looking for, and what your budget is. 

Preloaded USB Drives
usb duplication preloading
Do you want to preload your content

Decide whether you want us to preload your supplied content, or not.

If you want, You can Supply us with a physical copy of your content on a USB flash stick, or send us the files via and we will happily copy or duplicate the supplied content onto the USB flash drives for you. Please ask us for more details.

Or would you prefer to
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