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Product Sourcing and Importing 2020

Do you have some cash but you don't know what you want to do with it yet, well you have come to the right place - Storm media South Africa specialise in Product Sourcing, Product Costing and Product Importing from China, and the Far East.


Storm media have been dealing with China and The Far East for around 15 years, and in doing so we have built up a network of businesses, some great friends and a large variety of different factories which continue to send us detailed information on all new products and ideas for 2020. All of this assists us in helping you with your specific requests or future goals.


Storm media can also recommend a new product,  a new service, or some ideas that is part of your future scope, and well within your budget. Once you are happy with our recommendation, we will then source the product or item, supply you with detailed information, we will send you some high quality photos and videos and we will send you the pricing of the product and also all the costs invloved in getting the product or item to you.  


We will SOURCE IT , COST IT, SAMPLE IT and DELIVER IT all at factory direct prices. You can trust Storm media to handle all your Product Sourcing and Importing requirements

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Step 1 - First we discuss the Product, Item or Service that you want sourced, or we can also recommend something for you. 

You can let us know exactly what you are looking for by sending us detailed information of the product / item your are looking for , some photos of the product can also be emailed to us to make sure we know exactly what you are looking for - The more information you give us, the better.   OR   We can discuss and perhaps recommend a Product, Item or Service that is within your budget and in line with what you want to do, or enjoy doing. We will handle the rest.

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Step 2 - We will then Source the Product directly from the factory, at a fraction of the price.

Storm media has a representative that works for us in Asia, we will first discuss with him the details of the product or item that is to be sourced, he will then assist us to source the product, item or service directly from a factory in China or the Far East, at a fraction of the price.

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Step 3 - We will then send you a Price, Photos and some more information on the Product.

At this point, we would have already sourced the product or item directly from the source or factory so we will be able to send you some detailed information on the product, a price of the product and also some high quality photos for you to have a look at, just to make sure it is exactly what you want. Our price will also include Express Freight, Air freight or Sea freight and delivery direct to your door.

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Step 4 - We will get you a Sample of the Product, for you to approve.

Once you are happy with the price of the product, we will then arrange for a sample of the product to be sent to you (Depending on what the product is, and also the size of the product) for your approval. A sample does delay production but we do prefer this, as we want to make sure that we are delivering exactly what you are looking for. * samples are at your cost, this will be discussed. 

Step 5 - Production, and Delivery

Once you are happy with the sample, we will then proceed with production of the product (Production will vary from product to product) and then arrange the delivery of the product once it is ready. Depending on the urgency, or the size of the order, we will decide whether we send the order via Express Freight (7-10 days) Airfreight (7-10 days) or Sea Freight (4-6 weeks) , We will arrange the clearing and also handle the final delivery to your door!

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