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Custom Printed A5 or A4 Brochures

(portrait or landscape)

5, 7 & 10 inch LCD Screen Sizes

we will brand, assemble and load

your supplied video content.

What is a Video Brochure ? 


A Video Brochure, or a VideoPak is basically a custom printed, or custom branded brochure, book or box set (usually a hard or soft cover) that is pre fitted with a small LCD screen , a speaker, some buttons and connection point to charge and load your video content. 

Something new and unique, for those important clients. Definitely a WOW factor!

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LCD Video Brochures or Boxsets

Sometimes called Video Brochures, Videopaks, LCD Brochures , Video Boxets, Video Books, and LCD Business cards these items are a unique way of presenting your brand or marketing a new or existing product and definitely help you stand out from the competition. A Video brochures is basically a custom printed Brochure (Soft or Hard Cover), a book, folder or catalogue that is fitted with a LCD screen, a Speaker and some Buttons which enables you to display digital video and audio while providing a custom branded print presentation
Custom printed to suit your brand 

High Quality Litho Printed - Finished and coated with clear gloss or clear matt varnish - Soft or hard covers available - a Portrait or Landscape option - Foil options available as an extra. The artwork can be designed and fitted to one of the supplied templates. It needs to be supplied as PDF file with and without template lines, at 300 dpi. 

video brochure components.jpg
Detailed Specification of the components

Brochure Sizes available:

A5 (148 mm Wide x 210 mm High)  or A4 (210 mm Wide x 297 mm High) 

Screen Sizes available:

2.8 inch (Business Card Models only), 3.5 inch, 5 inch 7 inch and 10 inch LCD Screens 

Memory Capacity available: 

256mb, 512mb, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. 

Button: Our unit are fitted with 4-6 buttons, but more can be added if needed. This can be to Play, Pause, Stop, Volume UP, Volume Down, Video 1, Video 2 etc.

Includes and is delivered with: a Speaker for external sound, a rechargable lithium battery , a charger + cable, a connection point for charging and loading your content, a magnetic switch for auto play once the unit is opened, and auto stop when the unit is closed. 

Supported Formats and Resolutions: AVI / 320 x 240 pixels (1.8 inch and 2.4 inch) and .AVM / 320 x 240 pixels (1.8 inch and 2.4 inch) with the 3.5inch LCD screens capable of handling .MP4 and .3GP at 320 x 240 pixels.

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