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Custom Printed POUCHES

Stand-up Pouches and Flat Pouches


Storm media can customise and print all types of stand-up and flat pouches to meet your specific requirements, including a specific design, a shape, different sizes, a variety of different materials and colours, custom printed with or without added options. 

Stand Up Pouches - Shaped Pouches

Shaped pouches are more of a creative type of packaging solution, compared to the usual types. Great for matching your brand or product and creating awareness on the shelf. Shaped pouches also have a nice flexibility in terms of both shape and size. 


Name: Standup Pouches - Shaped Pouches

Gusset types: 

Different Options: Recloseable / Resealable Zipper, Valve, Clear Window, Glossy or Matte FInish, Tear Notch, Handle, Euro or Round Punched hole, Rounded Corners.


Applications: Food, Pet Food, Home and Garden Products, Health and Beauty Products, Industrial packaging, Pharmaceuticals , Medical and Hospital Supplies.

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