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Custom Printed POUCHES

Stand-up Pouches and Flat Pouches


Storm media can customise and print all types of stand-up and flat pouches to meet your specific requirements, including a specific design, a shape, different sizes, a variety of different materials and colours, custom printed with or without added options. 

Flat Pouches - Vacuum Pouches

Flat Pouches - Vacuum Pouches from Storm media

Vacuum Pouches are used for extending the shelf life of a product, keeping them fresh for a longer period of time, mostly used for preservation of food products and for medical or other similar applications too. They are sealed with vacuum sealers where air is sucked from the inside before the seal is placed preventing products from corrosion, degradation and even from oxidation.


Vacuum Pouches are usually made from multiple layers of plastic, providing high resistance to moisture and punctures. Product freshness is one of the benefits of vacuum pouches as they preserve both the taste and aroma of the contents. Vacuum pouches are a cost-effective solution for food packaging and other products.


Name: Flat Pouches - Vacuum Pouches

Gusset types: 

Different Options: Clear Window, Tear Notch, Handle, Euro or Round Punched hole, Rounded Corners.


Applications: Food, Pet Food, Home and Garden Products, Health and Beauty Products, Industrial packaging, Pharmaceuticals , Medical and Hospital Supplies.

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