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USB Flash Drives

Storm media are the direct importers of custom manufactured USB Flash Drives, with over 850 to choose from, you will not be disappointed. We also hold stock of certain models, so please contact us to see if we can help. 

Custom USB Drives
(any Shape, any Size)



We have a large variety of USB Flash Drive models to choose from. So, If you are looking for something specific , or you have an outrageous idea in mind.


at Storm media we can custom Design, Mould & Brand USB FLASH DRIVES in any shape and size. 

Our USBs can be supplied in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities if needed.

LCD Video Brochures
(a Book fitted with a LCD Screen)


Storm media specialise in the design , development, printing and assembly of all types of VIDEO BROCHURES or VIDEO BOX SETS.


A Video Brochure or VideoPack (as some may call them) is basically just a quality printed brochure, book or box set which is custom fitted with a

5 inch, 7 inch or 10 inch LCD Screen, a Speaker (for sound) and Buttons (for playability) Once the page or box is opened, it will automatically begin to play a video on the screen.

Sourcing & Importing
(from china, and the far east)

Our team at Storm media have been sourcing and importing products from the far east for almost 17 years now. 


In doing so, we have built up a large network of suppliers , factories and friends that we rely on when sourcing and importing new products.


If you have a product that you are looking for, Storm media will source it, price it, check the quality, and handle all importing, delivering directly to your front door.  


CD Duplication and Printing

CD Duplication and Printing is the process of 'burning' or 'copying' music or corporate data to a high quality, blank CD-R disc using a robotic CD duplication machine or CD duplication towers. 

Once the disc is duplicated, we then print directly onto the disc, thus giving you a high quality, full colour, UV print finish. Similar to a disc you can get in a store.


Let us also print the paper parts (Booklets, Inlays and Tray cards) for you, and provide you with a selection of media packaging options. 

DVD Duplication
and Printing

DVD Duplication and Printing is the same process of CD Duplication, but instead of 'burning' or 'copying' CD discs, Storm media 'Burn' or 'Copy' DVD Discs. We make use of high quality, blank DVD-R discs to copy your DVD movie, or corporate showreel.

we then print them using a high quality digital printer providing  you with a print finish similar to what you get in a DVD store.


We can assist with printing the DVD inlays and also the media packaging required.

CD DVD Replication and Printing

Disc Replication is more of  complicated process of running your CD or DVD disc orders but replication is ideal for bulk, music or video disc runs. 


CD or DVD Disc replication is a specialised process whereby the new discs are moulded from scratch, your supplied content is moulded directly onto the disc. 

Once the discs have been moulded we then print the discs using a high quality digital disc printer. We can then pack them into media packaging of your choice. 

From US

Storm media started off in Johannesburg, South Africa in the year 2000. Since then we have grown as a media manufacturing company. While still expanding our products and service to suite the current South African market we also moved into Africa by offering these services to our neighbouring countries ie. Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mozambique and Namibia, to name a few. CD DVD Replication, Duplication and Printing is still very popular in South Africa, and even bigger in our neighbouring countries. 


Our core business has always focused on the CD & DVD Duplication, Replication and Printing for the corporate and music market,  but we have adapted to the market needs, we knew we had to start offering our clients something more, something new and something unique - we also started importing, supplying and branding custom designed USB flash Drives, at factory prices , We got more involved in supplying companies with printed and pre-loaded Micro SD and SD Cards in bulk, and also started with and a variety of digital products including Video Brochures and Video Box sets. In doing so, we have created relationships, made friends and also established a large network of businesses  in the far east, which we now utilise to offer and assist our clients with Product Sourcing, Product Pricing and Product Importing from the far east. Let us recommend some products for you, or let us know what you are looking for , and we will handle the rest. 

Storm media - Gauteng - Johannesburg - South Africa.