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Matt Black Metal Business Cards from our Luxury Card Range,from Storm media in Johannesburg, SA

Our Matt Black Metal Business Cards are a part of our Luxury Metal Business Card Range from Storm media. Available in a High Gloss or Matt, Black Finish. The Black Metal Card range is manufactured to the highest of standards with the card being produced from high grade stainless steel, then coated with a luxury black finish for a truly luxury result. All our luxury cards are coated in a thin layer of transparent lacquer, which gives an extra layer of protection, and protects the cards from being scratched easily. The results are truly spectacular.

The cards usually come in three thicknesses but we do recommend the 0.8mm in thickness, as it gives the best results. The cards are 85mm x 54mm in size.

We are able to etch and cut these cards with incredible accuracy, which allows for detailed patterns and great effects from a design point of view. Etching is preferred in this case, as printing onto the surface of the metal cards can rub away over time.

Not only can we etch the cards with certain details but we can also cut through the Black Metal Cards, thus altering the shape of the black card.


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