myCard- a personlised digital business card.

myCard- a personlised digital business card.

what is myCard - myCard is a personlised digital business card (also known as a virtual business card, electronic business card or digital business card) or an online profile with the means of instantly sharing your contact information. Similar to your typical business cards, except your myCard electronic digital business cards can be created, edited and changed online at anytime by logging in with your unique URL , Username and Password - Once created it can be shared and saved by many. Share your link, add it in your email signature, share it through whatsapp or order a NFC business cards from us (which is linked to your online profile) Add as much or as little information to your card as you’d like, not only can you add the usual information like your name, company, email, phone numbers, website links, social media links but you can also add a a photo or a company logo.

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