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What is a Metal or Plastic NFC Smart Business Card?

An NFC Smart Business Card is a new way of sharing information, while creating a better first impression and more of a personal touch when compared to standard business cards. A SIMPLE TAP/HOLD on any smartphone or NFC enabled device you can choose to instantly share your contact information (v-card), show a PDF file, open a website Link, play a company showreel, follow a link, point to a social media account or visit a competition page - the ideas are endless. It’s the Future, and everyone should be using them. (Since Covid hit, people are looking for safer ways to exchange their business credentials and information)

The cards can custom designed, printed and cut to suit your brand or corporate identity. Manufactured out of a variety of different materials, our cards can be supplied in Plastic, Paper, Wood or Metal (Metal is limited due to interference) The cards are custom fitted and equipped with the latest NFC technology. This NFC technology allows us to program the digital card into a powerful marketing tool. A marketing tool just for you.

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