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Storm media specialises in CD Duplication, CD Replication and CD Printing services, we are able to offer you a professionally printed and duplicated CD Disc which can be accompanied with a selection from a large variety of CD packaging options we have available. Whether you require a CD Insert, a CD Booklet, a CD tray Insert or a CD wallet - we can also handle the printed paper parts , so why not put your trust in us, and let us handle your order from start to finish. All you will need to do is provide us with the Artwork, the Master disc, and we will do the rest. 

CD Duplication
CD Printing
CD Disc Service
CD Printing 
CD Disc Service
CD Duplication

With CD Duplication, we usually start by printing the disc before the duplication process is started. Storm media offers a high quality digital print finish, similar to what you would receive in a disc retail store. We print directly onto the disc, and do not use labels. We print in Full Colour, and all our discs are coated with a UV varnish, giving you that professional touch. Once the CDs have been printed, the order would then move for CD Duplication.

(All artwork can be supplied as a PDF file, at 300 dpi)

CD Duplication and Printing is the process of 'burning' or 'copying' music, information or corporate data to a high quality, blank CD-R disc using a robotic CD duplication machine or CD duplication towers.


Once the discs have been printed, we will then start the duplication process. Please supply us with a master CD disc, we will then use the supplied disc to duplicate the DVD copies in bulk

CD replication
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CD Disc Service
CD Replication
10mm CD Jewelcase (clear tray) Standard
CD Disc Service
CD Cases & Paper Parts
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CD Replication is a more detailed process than CD Duplication. With Cd replication, your CD disc is physically moulded from scratch and the supplied CD content is embedded into the disc during that process.  


Replication is ideal for bulk orders, and is recommended for music or video runs. CD replicated discs are only printed after the discs have been moulded. 

You will need to supply us with a physical copy of the master CD, we will then use the supplied disc to replicate the cd copies in bulk

Storm media understands that presentation is a vital part of any CD Disc project, which is why we offer a large variety of media packaging options including: CD Jewelcases with a Clear tray , CD jewelcases with Black trays, Plastic Sleeves, Paper Envelopes, PVC Sleeves, Clam-shells, Round-Shells, CD Digipacks. 


We can also handle the printing of the paper parts, we can print and supply: 2 page CD Booklets, 4 page CD Booklets, 8 page CD Booklets, 12 page CD Booklets, CD Tray Inserts, CD Inlays, CD Inserts, Custom printed Cardboard Sleeves, Custom printed Cardboard Wallets, CD Digipacks. (All artwork can be supplied as a PDF file, at 300 dpi)

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