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Custom Printed POUCHES

Stand-up Pouches and Flat Pouches


Storm media can customise and print all types of stand-up and flat pouches to meet your specific requirements, including a specific design, a shape, different sizes, a variety of different materials and colours, custom printed with or without added options. 

Stand Up Retort Pouches from Storm media

Stand Up - Retort Pouches

Retort pouches are basically the most advanced forms of pouches in the industry. These pouches are made from diverse layers of plastic and metal foil laminate which allows them withstand thermal processing, and higher temperatures, generally used for sterilization or aseptic processing of products. Retort pouches are also used as an alternative to canning.


Name: Stand Up Pouches - Retort Pouches

Gusset types: 

Different Options: Reclosable / Resealable Zipper, Valve, Clear Window, Glossy or Matte Finish, Tear Notch, Handle, Euro or Round Punches hole, Rounded Corners.


Applications: Food, Pet Food, Home and Garden Products, Health and Beauty Products, Industrial packaging, Pharmaceuticals , Medical and Hospital Supplies.

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