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CD Printing in Johannesburg in 2019

CD printing in Johannesburg is generally of good quality. If you are looking for a company that offers CD printing services, that are also able to produce a final product that is of the same print quality as CDs that are sold in the stores, then Storm Media is the place to go!

Storm Media is a professional company offering CD printing in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. They make use of both silkscreen printing and offset lithographic printing in order to produce a top quality finish. The lithographic printing process uses CMYK colours and is known to produce exceptional results with high resolution images. It is also a cost effective option making it even more popular. The screen printing process is a traditional print method where a variety of dyes and inks are used to give a rich and vibrant colour result.

Regardless of which printing method Storm Media use for your CD printing, you are guaranteed to have a top quality product that you will be proud to hand out.  You will need to provide your artwork for your CD in JPEG or PDF format. If you need any assistance with the initial design then just chat to one of the consultants who will assist you with it. Once the design has been completed it will be sent to you for approval before any printing is done. Printing on a CD is generally done once you have had a number of CDs duplicated or replicated, but Storm Media can even print your blank CDs for information and data to be added to them at a later stage. Making sure that your life is made convenient is important to this team.

If you require CD printing in Johannesburg in 2019 then contact Storm Media and chat to them about their services and rates. You will find that they are able to provide you with a complete printing and duplicating solution.


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