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Copy Protect your USB Flash Drives

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Copy Protect your USB flash drives or memory cards and Protect your intellectual property that is stored on a usb.

Stop illegal USB copying, USB duplication and USB redistribution! - Storm media, Johannesburg.

Storm media's USB copy protection services - We make use of high quality, high capacity and high performance USB flash drives. These drives are first preloaded with your supplied content. The usb drives can be pre-loaded with your music, pdf files , videos, photos or information, once preloaded we then add our enhanced functionality, such as our USB copy protection service, thus allowing you to obtain the following:

- the end user cannot copy the content from the usb drive.

- the end user cannot share content from the usb drive.

- The files cannot be deleted or erased from the USB flash drive. They data will be locked onto the USB flash drive.

- We can also restrict printing of files.

- User cannot copy and paste from the USB Flash Drive.

- Read-only USB flash drives, write protect your flash drives to prevent someone from deliberately or accidentally deleting, formatting or changing theo data on the flash drive.

- Read only configuration also protects your flash drives against viruses and malware infections.

Password protect your USB Flash Drives

Storm media are able to password protect USB flash drives, let us protect your sensitive information or content with a secure password protected usb flash drive.

If you would like to find out more details about preloaded USB flash drives, please give us a call on 087 057 2761 or email us at


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